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The Hijacking of American Christianity - by British and Khazar NWO Globalists - Big Study Package, v1

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The Hijacking of American Christianity - by British and Khazar NWO Globalists - Big Study Package, v1

Since losing the "Colonies" to the American Revolution, the British sought desperately to recover control the United States. With the economic and military power of the U.S. again under their influence, the Crown could easily reestablish domination over the globe, in spite of their former empire having eclipsed. A "Round Table" was established in Britain specifically to plan the various facets necessary for this grand scheme. The overall plan called for establishing strategic influence within the US economy, banking systems, diplomatic apparatus, education, all branches of government... and also American Christianity. They were fully aware that Americans are a religiously guided people. A crucial mechanism for establishing such infiltration and control were "charitable organizations", later known as "Tax Exempt Foundations". It is becoming clear that C.I. Scofield was an operative connected to the Carnegie Foundation and Britain, allied with Khazar-Venetian bankers, as an operative in their bid to establish global control.

In this package you will find tremendous documentary evidence and history of these events. The implications for world history and America's place in it should become very clear, and in very surprising ways.

Retranslation of the Bible by Westcott and Hort set the stage for further alterations and massive additions of inserted commentary by C. I. Scofield. These 'commentaries' were meant to serve the purposes and ambitions of early globalist bankers operating from Britain - and with successive editions, became virtually indistinguishable from the altered Bible text. It is becoming clear that these commentaries were not prepared by Scofield himself, who did not have the background or ability necessary. Rather, the origin appears to have been a political committee, such as the Fabian Society, which also emerged from other occultic projects of Westcott and Hort.

Interestingly, one of the figures who assisted C. I. Scofield early on (and may even have written much of the 'commentaries'), later rejected Zionist views altogether. Gaebelein's book, "The Conflict of the Ages - The Mystery of Lawlessness - Its Origin, Historic Development and Coming Defeat", seems to confirm the worst suspicions about the real purpose of Scofield's work. This book was quickly banned and censored.

Following this pattern of sinister intrigue, most of the later wildly successful books promoting "Christian Zionism" in the same vein as Scofield's enterprise, were written by a mysterious ghost writer entity by the name of "C. C. Carlson" - so secretive, that it may not really be a person at all. The prolific "Carlson" may, in fact, be a cover for another British & Khazar political writing committee.

This version of the research package contains nearly one hundred items, including individual articles, rare books, and several important video and audio.

Here are some links you may find useful for further study;

Who Rules America - Khazar Media Grip

The Ringworm Children - Khazar Eugenics for Biblical Israelites

Jewish-Khazar Generation of Anti-Jewish (Anti-Semitic) Propaganda

Black Nobility - Committee of 300 - Globalism - Khazar Zionist - Oligarchs - Research Library 2012

The (Khazar) Black Nobility - The Secret Treaty of Verona - Black Nobility

Zionist Eugenics Program Revealed - Haaretz News

H.G. Wells - The New World Order (1940) and The Open Conspiracy

Zionism and Russia - by Valdas Anelauskas

Georgia Guidestones - The Globalist's Public Anti-Human Manifesto

The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics (1996)

Behind the Balfour Declaration - Britain's Great War Pledge to Rothschild Bankers

Who are the Kenites, Jews and Judaism, Jesus and the Talmudists - Bertrand Comparet

Arctic Beacon Forbidden Library - Simon Peter vs Simon the Sorcerer - by Dr. E.L. Martin

Alternatives to Khazar-Zionist and British Globalist theology:

Did We Miss the End?

The Rapture: Truth or Speculation?

Problems With Dispensationalism

The Last Days of Dispensationalism—A Great Read

Dispensationalism Is Paralyzed - Gary North

Bible - Pure Cambridge Edition of 1611 (Pre Westcott and Hort Alterations)

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: MindSpaceApocalypse - - June 15, 2016
Subject: The Georgia Guidestones
Reviewer: whydidGODcreateYOU - favorite - March 29, 2014
Subject: The foundations upon which the MAGNA CHARTA and the CONSTITUTIONS are built...and the eternal data that still matters...
It is true that in this life, we should make an effort to go against wrongdoing. It is also true that where people develop a cult of money (Jesus called it Mamon in the New Testament), that men will and have set their affections on earthly gain, and this colors the rest of what they do.

Soon many of these same programers of society will offer us a consolidated world system with a one world leader, and he will require all in commerce (UCC and beyond) or trade to obtain their state certificate of allegiance through a tatoo/mark which will contain the number 666 (expect the Roman Cult to suggest instead the problem is a mark containing 616,999, or 611).

Others have explained this in greater detail. Yet it is STILL true that those who have lived in LANDS and TRIBES of LIBERTy know that their freedoms and rights are inalienable (un-alienable) because those rights are a direct grant from God through Jesus Christ to each and every individual and head of household.

It remains incumbent on all those who know and love the ancient documents (Magna Charta, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution) to strive lawfully to ensure their continued success.

Yet, what would the point of all of this be, unless we remember the foundation, that despite attacks on the 66 historic books of the Old and New Testaments, despite the claims that the ALiens have landed, they are here from the government and they are here to help us, or that Jesus came to teach self-deification [which He did not, stating in fact the opposite and offering redemption individually, through his shed blood, to all who ask for this gift which He alone paid the price for its completion and its offer.

Students of civilizations know this as a Suzerainty Contract which Jesus Christ has offered
in HIS exclusive sovereignty through his UNIQUE position as the one-and-only-begotten-Son_of_God, as pre-existent and always existing member of the Trinity, Jesus Christ himself also being the Lord Creator (and NOT the false Sanat Kumara of Theosophy which attempts to substitute Satan-Lucifer as the masquerator)

[Too bad that neither Ezra Pound nor eustace mullins realized this, being both theosophic initiate, Pound knew too much as he married into International banking famlies.

Did we forget here that Pound was an occultist who coveted possession ? Did you not know of his mentorship and work with W.B.Yeats, himself a founder of the Golden Dawn, as both of them were into "srying", the older term for demonic possession while doing out-of-body experiences ???

Pound was one of the authors on the staff of the original occult-Fabian magazine in England, simply called the New Age, edited by A.R. Orage.
(it was sponsored by Rothermere, Milner, and the Cliveden [read Astor] set).

Those internantional banks, both in Israel, Europe and in America will soon offer to change the DNA of mankind through that mark which is likely to be DNA-tailored, requiring only your allegiance to Lucifer for acceptance, forfeiting any other course for those who accept that false offer to find themselves in the same abode reserved to Satan and his fallen wicked ones].

Nevertheless, let us remember the key point, the end goal of the salvation of your soul ...

How to have personal redemption, have eternal life-living-status, and find God

[[ experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, spend Eternity with God,
and all others who have made the choice to be forgiven and reconciled to Him]]

Every Breath you breathe is a gift from God. No one knows how much time they have.

No one who delays and then dies, thought that their time to live here would be up.
Suddenly its too late.

Make the choice, while you can.

Reviewer: ryuuzaki1776 - favorite - February 2, 2014
Subject: this is BS
The top review is by someone that is very gullible
Reviewer: CorneliusX - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 10, 2013
Subject: Study BEFORE you comment?
Some of the comments below make me chuckle. Have you actually studied the materials here before commenting on them? I suspect not.

Anyone doubting the role of Westcott, Hort in the Bible reworking need only look here --

Well, that clears that up. The links above one would think take care of the rest.
Reviewer: bother bruce - favorite - May 13, 2013
Subject: Khazar jews b.s.
Well I'm old enough to remember the liar that started this fable about the jews with 3 crapy LP's in the 1960"s. This is total trash. If the european jews came from Turkey's Khazar why then is there NO Turkish words in the whole of the european language?! None. The Labor Zionist are the really problem. not the Khazarians that are in fact a fable made up by perverts.
Reviewer: ravencrest - - March 27, 2013
Subject: Too much made up...facts, documentation and sources...replaced by inuendos, guesswork, and Lack of Research
From what documented source would anyone derive the conclusion that Gabelein rejected Zionist views ? As late as 1937, he actually traveled to Germany during World War II, in order to see the horrific treatment of the Jews. He wrote and spoke out against it. If by Zionism, this means that Jews will once again be in a nation of their own in the historic location of Palestine (Ancient Israel), then Gabelein (also spelled Gaebelein) was a zionist all of his life. His later book on the Conflict of the Ages says nothing to suggest anything else, except that he realized the dangers of what is false Judaism (modern Talmudic teachings), and the dangers of occultism and totalitarian systems.
Gaebelein also wrote many volumes of commentaries on the Bible. Those commentaries ALSO support the work, the scholarship, the Biblical study and the same Conclusions reached by C.I. Scofield. Works of Gaebelein (and Scofield also) are available online.


Just because you have a bunch of names or organizations, and you string them together willy-nilly, and then you INFER or imply relationships that do not exist, that does not make either the links or the conclusions accurate.

People are often warry of some researchers for their sloppiness, and if this introduction by the original poster (of the material here) is any indication, it would be far too complementary to conclude that any genuine RESEARCH has taken place.

Let's begin at the beginning, with just a few of the problems, with this offering of hodge-podge:

The first is the statement that the Fabian society emerged from the occultic projects of Westcott and Hort. If it did, perhaps the links would be to Annie Besant, who was BOTH a member of the Fabian society, AND also a member of the Theosophical Society and one of those who was Mentored by H.P. Blavatsky. Blavatsky's influence permeated the Fabian-Occult magazine, which was called "the New Age". Its editor was A.R. Orage. One of its writers was Ezra Pound. Pound a demon-seeking occultist let himself be led spiritually astray by those he collaborated with. One of Pounds disciples was Eustace Mullins, who went to visit Pound in Washington D.C. for many years. (Mullins was an occultist also and believe himself to be Christ as he states in his books. Mullins also received instruction under Theosophical Luciferian training – Some people discuss the political aspects of the NWO - like Mullins, but they stayed silent on the more important occult-Spiritual NWO, that is the overwatching group of the Politicians of the NWO).

Lets consider for a moment, not those who oppose Talmudism because of the politics, but rather those who have a different agenda, one of a spiritual nature, if occult. Theosophists and Many occultists often have a deep aversion to those who are Jewish, often not understanding that many occult organizations are directed by those who at least claim Jewish ancestry. The reason is not hard to understand. Theosophists (New Agers) accept the premise that Lucifer is true Angel of light, and are very opposed to Jehovah-Yahweh. If Jehovah were in favor of Jews, Lucifer and his supporters would be against this. ( The bottom line – whether Jew or gentile - that those of all races and backgrounds, have both good and bad within their own groups remains valid).

Now there IS PLENTY of evidence of CARNEGIE and His ties to England, and to globalist plans, and to Talmudist financial networks. It is Carnegie Fndtns that create and fund the global and political infrastructure to this day. It is CARNEGIE that stipulated that religious Seminaries needed to be detached from their theological sponsoring organizations. One of the first beneficiaries of this Carnegie policy was a pension granted to none other than President Wilson. Recall that Wilson was head of Princeton before he was U.S. President, and that Princeton at that time was still Princeton THEOLOGICAL Seminary. Andrew Carnegie had ties to Occult groups as demonstrated in the work Fire in the Minds of Men, and to the Peabody-Morgan network. It was CSX (Carnegie Steel) that profited much during WWI and the other wars also.

But concerning C I Scofield, there is ZERO evidence that Scofield was ever in favor of a global society, a globalist perspective, or a large global superstate (which are goals that Carnegie worked so hard to establish ). Scofield, Mauro, and Gaebelein - all Christ-followers and authors, warned against the dangers of putting Faith in mankind, at the expense of legitimate faith in God. As others have noted, Scofield was even on the side of the south in the Civil War. Whatever this shows, it does not show a love either for the Federal government OR for Centralized authority. Then why, for what reasons would Scofield cooperate with Carnegie ? That assertion would need some kind of explanation (which does not exist, since that cooperation did not take place).

The work of demonstrated in his Scofield Bible... goes exactly AGAINST global authority, global centralization, and concentration of authority. THAT is why his Bible commentary (the Scofield Bible) is opposed, even today. In addition, there is ZERO evidence of ties between Scofield and Carnegie.

The attempt here (in the material) is to suggest and imply that:

1) Carnegie and Westcott and Hort are bad.
2) you already can agree to that.
3) IF we can link Scofield to Carnegie or Westcott and Hort, then you will agree that Scofield should be bad also.
4) If you agree that Scofield is bad, then you will stop supporting Israel in any way, and then you also will start supporting the surrender of Judea and Samaria and the rest of Palestine to Arabs who are Sharia Islamists.

That kind of thinking is wishful at best. Even when you look at the actual Land of the Palestinian Mandate and do research on it, you will find that the League of Nations (with the active help of the British Empire) turned over 80% of the Land-Mass of the Palestine Mandate to the ARABS. The Jews received only the remaining 20%. So there is now the attempt to give the REMAINING 20% of the original Palestinian Mandate [of the League of Nations] to Islam.

The most obvious point about Westcott and Hort and Scofield is that there is NO reason for them to cooperate with each other. Westcott and Hort promoted the seeking of astral projections, out of body experiences, and contact with the Dead. They openly write about this in their books (such as Life and Letters of Westcott) where they talk about the Ghostly Guild and its activities. So Westcott and Hort were occultists, Scofield and his Bible commentary strongly condemns the occult, occult practices, and trying to contact demonic spirits [such as the scofield commentary on Deuteronomy].

Westcott and Hort believed both in the British Empire and in the Centralization and concentration of authority.

Westcott and Hort both held titles to be Chaplain to the Royal Family of England, and this gave them access to the leaders of the British Empire. Westcott and Hort further promoted concentration of RELIGIOUS authority through their acceptance of appointment each as ANGLICAN BISHOPS, in the CHURCH of ENGLAND.

Scofield on the other hand, worked against concentration of power, and warned against its prophetic consequences, especially in the Days of the End of the Age. Scofield was not a member of the Anglican Church, and most Americans know that the Anglican church is still run ultimately by the British Crown. Scofield was an independent American and lived his life as such. His works hardly promote the influence of the Royal Family of England.

The work of Westcott and Hort takes place primarily at Cambridge, NOT Oxford.

You make of it what you will. But BOTH Westcott and Hort spend MOST of their adult careers at CAMBRIDGE and NOT at Oxford.

So the PRESUMED link that MUST somehow exist between Scofield and Westcott and Hort, (Since Oxford published the Scofield commentary) is a fiction. Westcott and Hort were not affiliated with Oxford University Press. They were associated with Cambridge and additionally through two groups at Cambridge: Westcott and Hort have ties to Cambridge through their occult mentors known as the CAMBRIDGE platonists, and those who came from that occult group. Second, Westcott and Hort have ties to the
CAMBRIDGE APOSTLES ;, which is a Secret Society of Occultists which existed at CAMBRIDGE and NOT at Oxford.

The lengths that people to in order to INFER links that do NOT exist is amazing !

Westcott and Hort each wrote many books, which are both corrupted and examples of wrong interpretations. But it is interesting that in the works of Westcott, for example, he always ends his introductions or the preface with the notation Trinity College. The question is WHY. WHY, yes WHY ? because Trinity College is where Westcott was teaching as an academic. The place is TRINITY COLLEGE, which is part of the University of CAMBRIDGE, not Oxford. We can see this example ;
and the publishing of other works of Westcott and Hort by CAMBRIDGE, in other examples.

(Westcott and Hort both also had their works published by Macmillan ; for foreign distribution). Their corrupt and falsified Greek New Testament was published originally by Macmillan, NOT by OXFORD UNIVERSITY.

Once people find links between Scofield and OTHER theologians, then THAT becomes a...supposed liability also. Scofield worked with Gabelein, but IN THEIR LATER YEARS, they MUST - [ supposedly...we are told ] - have been a break between them. (Where is the proof of this ???) But there is NO proof of this, and the fact is there was no break. And Gaebelein is the one who out-lived Scofield so he could have clarified this point for twenty years that he lived after the death of Scofield, if the claim were true.

Gabelein was among the first to warn about the New World Order and he was one of the main co-workers with Scofield. In addition, Gaebelein's own son was an instructor at Seminary, and the son never spoke about NOR implied any break between Gabelein Sr and Scofield. Those inferences are fiction !

There is further zero evidence that Gaebelein ever renounced Zionism. He wanted the jews to have a homeland in Palestine. Why would Gaebelein renounce his LIFE's work. He was born in the 1860s. By the late 1930s, he is risking his own life to go over to GERMANY DURING WWII, in order to try to help the Jews in Germany. How old was Gaebelein by that time ? does THAT kind of conduct sound like he "renounced" Zionism ? Those statements are just made up. And Zionism is about the enfranchisement of those who are Jewish. It was NOT about the disenfranchisement of those who were non-Jews. Even today, there are ARABS who are members of Congress, in Israel (the Israeli Knesset) . Google it ! When there are ANY who are Jewish members of any congress in the Arabic world, you be sure and post that information for everyone to learn that fact.

Warning about false documentaries:

It is true that spiritually, the world is rather envious of Christianity. They don't like Christianity, but they are always trying to use it, find ways to capture it, find ways to misdirect it, to redirect it. The Vatican tries to do this also. They take the good intentions of people and then try to attach those good intentions to the Vatican, so that people will accept the parts of vatican theology that are false. Islam tries to attack the identity of Jesus, because they wish to claim Him as a prophet, but not as the only-begotten Unique Son of God, in a way that no other one is.

Frustrated by the perceived block on being able to take even more land in Israel and thereby demonstrate Islamic supremacy, those in Islam are suddenly now supposedly friends of Liberty and democracy, (so their PR people keep telling us), except in any of the Islamic nations where being a Christian or converting remains a capital offense, even in places such as Egypt or Gaza, or Judea or Samaria if you are under the control of Hamas or other islamist groups. And those who are rabbis will not divorce themselves from the Talmud, but they do seek to re-direct the allegiance of Jesus Christ from Jesus himself to their own alternate zohar-inspired-Messiah. The New Agers (the serious ones being honest luciferians and worshipers of Sanat Kumara = Satan), simply assert that their occult Christ is Jesus, and he is all other religious figures also (thereby proving that their Messiah Cannot be, the true Jesus Christ).

More and more, we are seeing the following new kind of linkage in research packages and movies that show up, without the documentation to support the statements made. The arguments are crafted like this: sure the New World Order is bad, BUT the Spirit-guides, they are good and will help us. Sure the NWO is bad, BUT if you trust the ALIENS, then we will all work together and overthrow the NWO. You can find this in the work of Tsarion, both Pound and Eustace Mullins with the Spirit-guides, and also in the occult movies Zeitgeist ; which tries to re-direct people who oppose NWO and turn them in support of Globalism, the global mind-brain scenario (Peter Russell), so...all hail the New1000 years of new Occult spirituality. The New World order is the active promoter of cooperation between the Aliens / Spirit-Guides and humanity. These people who disagree with this have done no research on these subjects. Aleister Crowley claimed contact with Aliens. So did Alice Bailey, So does Farakhan, so did Sitchin, so does the Vatican. so does the Vatican ;.

The rebirth of Islam is the rebirth of the coming Islamic Madhi, for details, consider this scenario ;, and that seems to be a british Royal Philby-Bernard Lewis-Princeton-RIIA- project (and you can read all about the Royal UK roots of islam in Hostage to Khomeni ;. [note: source CITED] which is available for Free). European Royalty has been puting its own political leaders to head other nations for centuries. Wanting to have a Mahdi [islamist Messiah] who is a royal-bilderberg EU project would hardly be something new. If you want additional support for this (the Establishment support for Occult controlling groups), you can find it in two secular works: the Occult Establishment [note: source CITED] by James Webb and the Occult Underground [note: source CITED]. In those books both Westcott and Ezra Pound are both named by Webb, because they are both occultists.

The occult leaders (those who believe in the Christ-consciousness) are the supporting mechanisms for the NWO ; . Their leaders know it, though many of the followers are still in denial, because they don't want to see where that movement is headed. Even so, its in the books written by their leaders.

The New Age goal is to co-opt the opposition to the NWO ;, and use that in support of the NWO. These things are related to each other, especially when you understand that the version of Westcott and Hort was intended to lay the groundwork to deceive Christians, into supporting the False universal Messiah. Westcott and Hort were personally aware of these plans, and had many friends in common, personally, with H.P. Blavastky. After all Westcott and Hort were often in London, and so was Blavastky for many years.

Scofield when he released his Bible commentary COULD HAVE made use of the Greek Text of Westcott and Hort, OR Scofield could have used the English text of Westcott and Hort. That would have been possible in theory, because Westcott and Hort released BOTH a Greek Version of the corrupted New Testament, AND an English Version of the New Testament. The version in English is known simply as the Revised Version of 1881/82. (It has modern descendant versions ;such as the NASB and the ESV ;, also). But Scofield was faithful to God and to standard true and authentic Biblical studies.

The Westcott version in England was released in 1881. And another edition was prepared by Schaff, which would not be officially released until 1901 as the ASV, the American Standard Version. (This way, the Revised Version had the chance to have a wider influence both in England, in the Rest of the British Empire, and in America).

If Scofield would have cooperated with Westcott and Hort, then WHY did Scofield, in his own Bible Commentary, NOT rely on the following:

a) Scofield did not rely on nor use the Greek Text of Westcott and Hort (1882) ;

b) Scofield did not rely on nor use the English Text of Westcott and Hort ;, or the the Revised Version [RV] ; (UK) of 1881.

c) Scofield did not rely on nor use the corrupted English Text of Westcott and Hort, the American Standard Version [ASV] (USA) of 1901.

The fact is that when Westcott and Hort wanted an American Partner for their corrupting influence, they chose Phlip Schaff. Schaff was a textual critic (Bible attacker) who had (from Germany) emigrated to America for purposes of hurting the work of those who took the Bible literally. Schaff wasted little time. He took up a seminary post at Mercenburg and was then brought up by other members of the faculty and tried for Heresy, for subverting Biblical doctrine. Lets not miss that point: the OTHER professors at the seminary knew and understood that Schaff was not teaching or proclaiming Biblical truth. [Schaff followed Griesbach and Semler who were illuminists and anti-litteral ].

That made Schaff an ideal candidate to help Westcott and Hort, which Schaff did as he became the editor in chief for the ASV, the American Standard Version released in 1901. Schaff continued his work through his multi-volume re-write on the history of the historic church, which omits MUCH material, and which has a stronly pro-globalist, pro-centralized, and pro-Vatican tint to it. Later on, Schaff further edited a compilation of the works of the supposed Early Church Fathers. It is replete with doubtful sources, and it is very pro-Vatican in its editing.

Why then did Westcott and Hort NOT work with Scofield ? Because they chose not to, and there is zero evidence of their working together, or collaboration. Westcott and Hort were on the side OPPOSITE of Scofield.

INSTEAD of promoting the false New Testament of Westcott and Hort, Scofield chose to use the Historic King James version, which relies on an accurate Greek Text ;. and THAT is why Scofield is attacked. Scofield is hardly an exception within theology. People who assert that he his, simply have not done their historic research. Take the test yourself: Read Scofield, read Gaebelein, read Mauro, Read Darby, Read Larkin, Read H.A Ironside, Read Spurgeon or D.L. Moody. Scofield and Gabelein both remained PRO-RAPTURE ; in their points-of-view for their entire life (though if YOU want to stay behind and face the impact of seven years of tribulation ; then you just go right ahead ; ) . Its interesting that IF you mention the concept that some people are going to be caught up to Heaven in order to MISS the worst period of time in human history, [which is the Rapture], other people – rather than being happy for those who left – are often very angry. However, those same people could make that same choice also ;
to follow Jesus Christ, to also be caught up to meet Jesus Christ in the air ( I Thessalonians 4), but they arbitrarily chose NOT to. They WANT to be left behind. When they are they should not complain. God knows who read this page, and who decided to ignore the contents, and who decided to change their life, their destiny, and actually become a true Christ-follower.

Every day ( every 24 hours), the world looks a little more like the Bible predicted, and everyday a little LESS like the other religions said & implied it would. The entire world is being dragged towards spiritual accountability. They say they don't want the God of the Universe in their life, but when He accomodates them and removes His presence from society (and He soon will, for 7 years), they scream and run and hide. The book of Revelation ; says the situation will become so dire that adult men will pray that rocks fall on them (and end their life). Nothing like a little exitment to clarify reality. Wait until Nebiru (planet x) or something of similar magnitude is revealed, and the aliens (demons) show up to tell you that they are from the new international government, and they are here to... help you. Sure they are...

Agreeing or disagreeing with Scofield will not change what will happen in the middle east. But the study of the books of Scofield ; or Mauro ; or Darby ; or Gaebelein ;, and others will help you understand prophecy and the Word of God, much better than if you do not. Find out and make up your own mind. Their material will help your own relationship with God, AND your understanding of current events. Spiritually, we each chose our destiny and destination. Mauro wrote a whole book warning about the false version of Westcott and Hort;.

John Burgon, a professor from OXFORD documented the false scholarship and false doctrine of Westcott and Hort, in his seminal work AGAINST Westcott and Hort, and their false Bible version. Professor Burgon's work is entitled the Revision Revised ;. The work of Gabelein remains very relevant for this time and for the End of Days, as does the work of Mauro ;.

These books should be read and studied. So should the work of Scofield. It is interesting that no one can refute Scofield on the facts or his Biblical exposition, so the tactic instead is to condemn him, infer that he must be bad, and still avoid confronting the points he makes.
With those kinds of reaction, based on what he was sharing about the end times, he must have been doing a few things right.

Scofield's works can be found on the net.

This includes his work on who the Messiah is ; his work on Old Testament Prophets ; and Scofield's work on the New Life in Christ ; When it comes to research on versions of the Bible, formulate questions, learn the basics, start asking serious questions ;,

On all of the Spiritual matters that count, including where to spend Eternity, and including How to be saved, Scofield gets those RIGHT.

On the same issues, Westcott –Hort, Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins and Carnegie get those wrong !!!

There are clear dividing lines between 1) The Scofield Camp, and the 2) Westcott-Hort-Theosophist-Fabian-NWO camp.

It is not honest to suggest otherwise.

Reviewer: Boston T Party - favorite - March 24, 2013
Subject: The point of the studies...knowing the end goals
Many of these issues though, are a distraction.

If Scofield is supposedly a problem, but there are 50 other major commentators and theologians that say the same thing that Scofield does, then that tends to suggest 1) the views of Scofield were mainstream and 2) the disagreements are with Christianity itself and NOT with Scofield.

Without Scofield, the issues of who controls the money, the money supply, politics, etc would still continue. Palmerston was employing Marx in the 1800s and the UK was making use of Robespierre in the French Revolution, long before Scofield ever existed. The plans established between Blavatsky and Albert Pike (who re-engineered American Freemasonry along Satanist lines) existed BEFORE and outside of Scofield.
These plans go way beyond Scofield.

Christianity is hijacked, not because of Scofield, but because of other forces that are trying to capture Christianity, and force it into an allegiance with those who are trying to bring about a New Age Occult Messiah. There are many New Age leaders who ARE Talmudic. The Zohar is a CONSTANT source of inspiration in the Occult including in Samuel McGregor Mathers (Golden Dawn) and in the Work of Crowley, or in the work of Israel Regardie, and more recent occultists. The Talmud is a Major Feature of the Re-incorporation of Talmudic Occultism into Freemasonry, thanks to Albert Pike.

Dont you remember it was the frenchmen Demon seeking occultist named Alphone Louis Constant, who renamed himself ELIPHAS LEVI,and became the founder of modern satanism, and demon-cults ? Crowley regarded him as his mentor. WHY did the frenchman take on a Jewish name ? Because the Frenchman was conned into using Talmudic works of occultism for his series on Black Magick. (Albert PIke then took THAT material, rewrote it to make it sound more innocent, and THAT became the basis for MORALS and DOGMA by PIKE, which is the book for Freemasons. Morals and Dogma is the book that states that LUCIFER is an Angel of Light, Humans should give their allegiance to this King of Hell).

So these sources are all trying to lay the groundwork for 2 things:

1) the Arrival and universal acceptance of A Messiah who will be a Counterfeit Christ, and

2) the Arrival of a race of beings who will claim supernatural powers, claim to be here to help the human race, and have spiritual powers, and psychic abilities WAY beyond what Humans can do. Some will appear to be enhanced humans. Others will be known as aliens. The New Christ works with the New Race of Beings to achieve dominance of the Planet. Humans wake up to this fact, only most of them wake up WAY too LATE.

Focus on what matters. These issues may seem minor. Soon they will be front and center. Make us of your time to learn while you have it.

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